Thursday, December 3, 2009

Music to my ears!

It's official. Tonight I became my mother!

Sitting there listening to the North Hills Philharmonic, I was nodding my head, tapping my toes, smiling, as if it was the most beautiful music I had ever heard. It's amazing how motherhood even affects your hearing. I no longer heard the squeaks, squawls, and missed notes. Instead I heard beautiful melodies and was so proud of Annabel's abilities, I thought I might bust.

There is a great old movie about a couple that over time see only the beauty in each other and others are shocked that they cannot see themselves as they really are. I LOVE that movie. I had no idea that the love motherhood brings, also brings that type of "vision".

Last night while Annabel was practicing I could not imagine how it would all come together. My mom came over and bragged and bragged on how beautifully she played. At that point I could only hear the missed notes. I finally realized tonight her self esteem needed me to hear it through a mom's ears.

Yesterday morning on our drive to school it started snowing.

With the very first splat, instead of a rain drop, I made the girls check out the windshield so they did not miss a flake.

Annabel was like me and ooohing and aaahing continually.

Finally Grace said "Wow!". I said it is beautiful, isn't it?

She said, "Mom, I mean the line at Starbucks is long!". Oh well! She's a little harder to impress with the weather!

It's great to have your caretakers next door and when you come home late from the North Hills Philharmonic, or the beginner middle school band concert, and find the plug and light switch have been repaired and your Christmas wreath hung up!

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