Friday, December 18, 2009

My job as a sandwich!

Most of the time I really love my job.

Today was our second Christmas party this week. We have one at each location.

I've always said they are a tough crowd though to please.

The coffee is too hot, too cold, too strong, too weak. The water has too much ice, not enough ice. The plates are too big, too small. The room is too cold, too hot. I have even teased that the sugar was too sweet or not sweet enough.

Generally I can overlook this, but have tried to learn not to make these kind of comments myself, when I am invited somewhere.

Today though, before we could even get started I had people complain that the music was too loud, too soft, the line was too long or too short, there was not enough coffee, too much coffee.

You get the point.

My tongue hurts tonight from biting it. It did take a lot of the fun out of the hard work we had done to try to ensure they would enjoy it.

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