Saturday, December 5, 2009

Salado and Zhu Zhus

Yesterday was a really long day.

I had to be at work early, so Mom and Dad took the girls to school. I had to meet a busload of older adults headed to Salado for the day.

The weather forecast went from great to bad to worse, but they never mentioned ice, so we decided the trip was on!

Those who cancelled really missed out on a great day. Our load of 50 stopped first at West for kolaches, which alone would make the trip worthwhile, but we pressed on to Salado, despite the blustery, gray skies.

Maybe the weather helped clear the highways, but we made record time and had chance to look around before lunch at the Stagecoach Inn. If you have never tried it, I really recommend it, even if for nothing else than the chicken broth and hush puppies they serve with every meal. In fact at our table one person turned down dessert for more hush puppies!

The snow started soon enough and we held our breath but it stopped as quickly as it started.

On the way home we stopped at the new Collin Street Bakery in Waco. This group LOVES their fruitcake and large shopping bags were brought on the bus for the trip home.

We had a great group that wanted to see it all and were generous with their compliments. It made the late return worth while.

Salado is a place that I am always afraid that I will get sad because it Jana made us all go to the Salado Stroll one year at Christmas in a cold, drizzly rain. Gillian was just a little girl and we had great fun.

But instead of being sad, it usually just reminds me of my last boyfriend who wanted to go there regularly. He had seen a painting of a deer one time that he decided he just had to have. We spent so many trips looking for that picture! It is no easy task since the town is known for their art galleries! No, he never did find it!

While on our trip I got an email notifying me that there were Zhu Zhu accessories at our local CVS.

Now if you don't know what Zhu zhus are and I can't seem to get a picture to post, but on one list of the top 10 toys of the season, they are number one. I had bragged that my kids did not want them but at the last minute they have decided it is tops on their lists too!

So at 7:00 p.m. I head to CVS trying to buy the accessories for these motorized hamsters I don't even have yet. My friend Jamie has made the connection and located at least two for me. We are planning a swap of some accessories for hamsters later this week. It feels like some sort of clandestine affair!

At the last minute the manager decided I could only buy 2 of each item.

Maybe I looked so tired and worn out that he acquiesced and had each cashier check out two of each item. So it took longer, but I left with a carload of much revered accessories.

The day was not over as we still had to feed our neighbor's cats. She had called and asked me to cover up ALL of her plants before the big freeze this week and while I did, I wasn't sure if one cat slipped out. I am really anxious for her to return tomorrow but also worried that cat is gone! He stays hidden most of the time and even she rarely sees him. I just hope he is still there!

Today we tried to do a marathon of catching up on homework. We took a break to go to Costco and Kohls and then tonight to the Winnetka Heights Christmas Tour, both well worth the time off.

When we came back from the home tour, Grace counted how many Christmas decorations we had up, especially in comparison to those on the tour. The total number for us? Two! Decorating is a top priority for tomorrow!

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