Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Trying to catch up!

Before I sat down tonight, I had to look at a calendar, because it felt like it must surely be Thursday, rather than just Tuesday. Some weeks start off with more happening I guess.

Since I sat down last, Thanksgiving happened. Had it at our house for the first time ever. Have continued to wish I could start that whole process over and improve on the end results. I actually visualized serving appetizers! We were lucky to get it on the table before anyone died of starvation!

If you ever consider having major changes done to your kitchen, just leading up to a big meal/celebration at your house, let me tell you, that is just about the dumbest thing you can do. You have to wash everything, even things in your cabinets, much less putting things back in place.

But I have to say the room is awesome and we are really enjoying having a work space, dining space, and then the kitchen all together.

After we survived Thanksgiving, we packed up and ran to Austin to be there for LIsa's birthday. Lisa took us to all the neat places in South Austin and we got to enjoy some incredible meals at well known Austin establishments, like Fran's Hamburgers, Chuy's, and My-T-Fine Burgers! Gillian and DArcey stayed with us at our hotel, so it was like a giant slumber party. Only we had walked so much that I was the first asleep!

Sunday we enjoyed a birthday party before trying to catch up with all the homework missed while they were both sick after getting their immunizations. According to the mid semester grade report today, we did not quite get to where we need to be.

I'm not sure how Annabel has done any of the work, but she continues to plod on trying to learn. I know if the roles were reversed, I could never have done what she has done.

The last two nights have been long while trying to get all the homework, laundry, dishes, and lots of flute practice by Annabel.

Annabel's Christmas concert is Thursday night. The teacher still hasn't decided what songs they are going to play, so she practices all of them. I think they need a lot longer to practice!!

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