Monday, December 21, 2009

Update on Mom and Dad

The girls are busy trying to build a gingerbread house and learning that construction is more difficult than originally expected. We have added corn starch to the royal icing in hopes that it would be a good thickener and also they were reminded that reading the directions would have been helpful too!

Mom and Dad are on their way back to the doctor via Lisa.

Dad has been running a temperature of 102+ for the last two nights with some serious chills and shaking. The doctor's office admonished that he could ONLY see them for this ONE issue, none other. How irritating is that!

Last Thursday I took Mom and Dad to see their doctor but instead we saw is PA. Mom and Dad were disappointed as they have great faith in their doctor and had never met the PA before.

The PA ordered more x rays since other issues continued to surface that were not initially addressed in the ER. It takes some time to get over the shock and realize what all is hurting.

We were there for hours and then on Friday they did not call with the results, so we really don't know much at this point.

In spite of how they felt, they were intent on us having our family Christmas party on Saturday night. Somehow all of it is a blur right now, but the girls had a great time. We have had "sleepovers" the last two nights with all 4 girls sleeping on our living room floor.

Last night we went shopping as the girls each received a very nice monetary gift from a very sweet lady at church. The money was burning a hole in their pocket!

Lisa felt like we were herding sheep and that's exactly what it seems like sometimes. As soon as you round up all 4, then you can't walk because they are so close. But if you blink you lose one!

The evening brought back lots of memories of our Santa Fe trip. We agreed we had to repeat it this year.

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