Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Baby it's cold outside! And inside!

My parents bought their house when I was just a baby, so they have lived there for about 40 years. OK, longer than that!

While we were growing up there was only one space heater in the dining room to heat a 2 bedroom 1 bath house, where there were 6 of us sharing the space.

I don't remember really being cold, but do know we could not turn over in bed due to the pile of covers on top of us and as soon as you got up, you made a beeline for room in front of the Dearborn heater!

Now summers I remember as being VERY hot. There was just so much you could do to cool off after 100 degree days and the low was still in the 90's. Fans were all we had.

As soon as we all moved out and Dad retired, they put in central air and heat, got insulated windows, and siding!!! All of these helped keep it cooler in the summer, but it has never been too warm in the winter.

Lately their house has been even colder and you can feel a breeze blowing across your shoulders! And this week it is just supposed to get colder and colder.

After consulting with other authorities on old houses, I decided to get them an electric heater for the living room to supplement the heating system.

While buying the heater, we also picked up a couple of other things they needed.

I then began coaching the girls on how to answer and/or explain these purchases and why I did not want any money for them.

By the time I had the car unloaded, they had already told our story to Mom and Dad. Of course they still felt like they owed me, BUT here is the kicker to the whole story.

I think I am doing something to help them out, by stopping and buying a heater.

Today, while I was at work, Dad went to Home Depot, got a bunch of insulation stuff, and proceeded to take care of pluggging all the holes in our house and cover all the faucets!

He worked on it long enough that he hurt his back and was unable to do their house!

I tell you what. You cannot out work any of these older adults! They always do more!

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