Monday, January 4, 2010

Chef's surprise!

When I thought that Gillian and Darcey were going to spend last week with us, I stocked up on easy meals that could feed an army. One thing I bought was some special chili that had steak and black beans in it.

Over the weekend, I offered it to the girls.

Oh they don't like chili.

Yuck! No chili!!

Tonight I wasn't sure that I even had the energy to drive home, much less cook dinner, and it is SO cold here, that the chili really sounded good to me. But if I ate that, then I would still have to fix the girls something and I knew we were down to just one bowl of Chinese noodles, so that would not work either.

So I decided to trick them.

I made some rice, heated up the chili, and then told them dinner was ready.

Grace asked if it was Gumbo. Annabel asked if it was soup. I told them it was meat and beans.

They LOVED it!

It was hot and spicy and just what they wanted!

That's when I told them it was chili.

A lot of disbelief, but then the rationalization, it wasn't just any kind of chili, and I never said it could be served with rice, etc., etc. You just have to laugh! Each had second helpings and there were no leftovers!

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