Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Early retirement

When you are a late bloomer, sometimes you are reminded of the differences in your life compared to your "peers" in subtle ways.

In the mail today I received the latest copy of ACU Today, my Alma Mater's magazine.

There are always great stories about how the school has developed, new buildings, new scholarships, newsmakers, etc, but I always flip to the back for the alumni news.

It dawned on me today that my class has not had a listing for a birth in quite a while! Some adoptions, but I think they were just my two.

Rarely is there a wedding and if there is, it is the second or so for each classmate. (Keep hoping to list mine someday!)

Instead, my class lists all the latest retirements! And the number of "friends we will miss" continues to increase for my class.

Even the newest professors had not even been born when I graduated!

After realizing this, I looked at the next piece of mail, thinking to myself about the possibilities of retirement.

The next letter was from my one and only IRA! I eagerly opened it hoping to find that retirement could be imminent.

My balance on my IRA? Drum roll please....

Yes, the zeroes are in the correct place. And no, there is no need for a comma!

The one good thing? At least I don't look as old as my classmates! Just kidding!

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