Saturday, January 30, 2010

Healthy lifestyles with surprise endings!

There have been significant events in my life that it seems would have motivated me to change my eating habits.

When I adopted Grace and saw that she was one of the few adoptees who was not underweight, but definitely malnourished, it seems like as a new mother, I would have started planning and preparing healthier meals.

Then when I adopted Annabel and she was so underweight, again, seems like that would have been motivated me to provide a healthier lifestyle.

Or when Jana died so suddenly that I would have been motivated to ensure that I did everything possible to avoid any risks to my heart.

Instead, for most of these events, I chose to handle the stress through overeating! At times, a whole bag of the Hugs Hershey Kisses were the choice to provide a relief from stress.

After my first surgery last year, I HAD to make adjustments, as the repair work was allowed time to heal. Then after the second, I HAD to make more adjustments to ensure I did not risk having the problems of a hiatal hernia with my stomach pushed through and squeezing my lungs so I could not breath, again.

I'm sure the information on the importance of a good diet have always been there, as well as the benefits of organic food, but until recently it had not sunk in.

But now that I have developed an interest, the information is overwhelming! This week, Oprah had Michael Pollan on her show. He has written several books on food, most recently examining what has happened to our food through mass production. It is scary! We have flipped our spending from food to medical care to pay for the effects the wrong food has on our bodies.

A recent report shows that cardiac issues have peaked and will begin to decline, not due to a change in our actual number of cases, but because we now have medication to treat it.

All this being said, I have rejoined our local organic coop. They actually moved to a location within walking distance of our house. It is delivered every other week.

Today was the first time in the new locatoin and Annabel and I decided we should just walk. OK, I decided we should! She just went along for the fun of it and hoping that I would let her go to the dollar store and buy candy!

It was SO COLD!

Dad even poked his head out and questioned our sanity since it was only 29 degrees!

It was very encouraging to see so many people taking part in this "movement" to improve our food source.

We even took our recyclable grocery bags to put the produce in!

We brought home our wonderful produce eager to try the bounty.

ONLY it is not quite so simple!

When we got home though, we had a big glass of our new "raw" milk with a DONUT! The same type of donut we bought 2 weeks ago which never molded! YIKES!

Changing our eating habits is HARD!

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