Tuesday, January 19, 2010

If you recognize this behavior, please do not let me know!

If you recognize your children in this post and they are teenagers, please don't tell me. Let me be surprised!

First I should have consulted with my psychic, Annabel, about today. She corrected predicted that I would take the trash that was in my hand and put it in the trash can, so why not consult her on the more major things!? Right?

Anyway, yesterday afternoon we went to the grocery store to specifically pick up the items that Grace needed for her science class today, like Annabel had to have last week. She mentioned blue jello and I knew we did not have that on hand. As soon as we got into the store, they both had to check out the DVDs as I went off for blue jello.

When we all caught up again, I asked Grace what else she needed.

Her answer was, for what?

Me - for your science class?

Her - what do you mean?

me - what else did you need for your science class besides the blue jello?

her - what do you mean?

me - Grace, what else did you need for your science glass to make the picture of the cell or nucleus or whatever it is?

her - Oh, just the blue jello.

me - I thought you said there was a list.

her - there is, the blue jello.

Tonight I noticed a bowl of blue jello in the refrigerator that was not congealing. I asked her if she had made the jello while I was at work.

Grace - silence

me - Grace, did you try to make the jello today? I noticed it was in the refrigerator but that it did not gel.

her - silence

me - Grace, did you make the jello but not use boiling water? (I know she is scared of trying to pour boiling water.) Did you follow the directions? I'm just trying to figure out why it did not gel.

her - um, um, no.

me -ok, do we need to buy more?

her - could we? thanks!

If this is normal behavior for teenagers, please do not tell me. Let me be surprised!

My psychic might have been able to tell me that neither girl would feel like going to school today, but I guess I forgot to ask.

Today we did training for all our volunteers. At the end of it some of them gave similar responses to Grace's!

Somehow I seem to be getting an unusual number of complaints that are escalating up the chain quickly and trying to head off and answer the problems before they get any higher. Right after I hung up soothing ruffled feathers my phone rang again.

The voice on the other end said, Mom?

I always assume it is Grace, but this was Annabel.

Her first words were, "please don't be mad at me." Somehow your stomach just drops over that kind of statement.

The rest of the sentence though was not bad. She had used the rest of the rice making teddy bear rice/hot packs for people and wanted to make sure that we still had more.

I wonder what my psychic predicts for tomorrow? More trash for the trash can? More dishes to wash? More complaint calls? Maybe it is better for me not to know!

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