Sunday, January 24, 2010

Multi Tasking!

Last week I heard just a few minutes of an interview on NPR of a writer from The Washington Post Magazine, discussing the strain of balancing life at work with the demands of home. I did not get to hear the whole interview because as soon as the girls bounce into the car there is no room for me to be distracted!

It has taken me all week to read the rest of the interview on line and then to read the actual article that led to the interview.

I don't feel so badly now that it took me a week, because it too the author, Brigid Schulte about a year to complete the journals required of her by a time studies guru. Her story sounded familiar as she would begin wholeheartedly on her record keeping on Sunday and Monday and then realize on Friday that she had missed most of the week!

The time studies guru wanted her to record what she did every minute and categorize it. She soon found that she was not doing just one thing at a time, but continually multi tasking, for which there was not enough space on his forms to record ALL she did each minute.

After reviewing her records, he found she had 28 hours of leisure time each week! Some of those hours included waiting for a tow truck when her car broke down, reading to her children, and exercising! She did not feel these were leisure activities.

I loved this story! If you click on "Multi Tasking" in the title, it will take you to the article.

Tonight we returned from an event for the older girls from China to find that Ollie, the dog, had torn into the trash and spread it ALL over the floor! So while we start trying to clean that up, I am also bagging up the recyclables to take to the curb, cook dinner, and wash one last load of clothes.

Right as I got dinner ready, while answering questions for Grace while she did her homework, Annabel started searching for her book for English. As soon as they got the list of books needed for their class, I ordered them from Amazon so I would not be blindsided by a book that was needed the next day! But I guess I ordered them a little too soon for Annabel, since shew as sure it was now lost and would never be found.

Grace was trying to complete her homework, so I took the charge of trying to help Annabel. Thankfully we found it, along with lost shoes, school uniforms, a pencil bag, 2 pairs of scissors, and more "stuff" than I care to remember. I found lots of empty space on shelves, drawers, cubbies, all the things I have bought to help them get organized, and most of the stuff in stacks on the floor, beds, and corners!

Last night I was trying to come up with something for dinner as Grace read page after page of her new book to me, as Annabel was tossing a toy to the dogs. Grace continued to read as Annabel began to scream because Nina had jumped on top of Ollie in a less than feminine gesture and Annabel wanted to know what Nina was doing. All of you know, but I don't think I had ever seen a girl dog do it! Grace continued to read aloud and I passed by Nina and Ollie "romping", Annabel screaming, as I made my way to the refrigerator!

Friday night I was having digestive issues and had run into the house and directly to the bathroom only to be interrupted by a very quiet tap, tap on the door and the question, "Do you know where that bucket is that I used Saturday to clean off that ball that you put in the trash?". I suggested going back to that place where she had left it only to soon have Grace tapping at the door and updating me that Annabel could not find it, where else could it be?

I crawled to my bed hoping my stomach would quit hurting only to find both standing in my door, looking like they had been beaten and so sad. What could they do? They could not find that bucket! Somewhere in there they had roped Mom into helping them look. I had to crawl into the living room and hug Mom and beg her for forgiveness because I was sure we had done the same thing to her, only with 4 kids looking for something, right as she needed just a minute of quiet!

At work we are doing a 100 day challenge on improving fitness and weight loss. I knew I needed to begin working out and last Saturday as soon as I turned on the Wii Fitness program, in came Mom wanting to fix a "to go" dinner for the young man who had been working for me that day. I don't know how to "pause" the Wii, so I had to run in and out of the room trying to find containers, baggies, and a sack for mom.

About that time both girls came in talking to me about something and then as soon as I got down on the floor the dogs thought surely that I was there to pet them. OK, I have to agree that exercise time is NOT leisure time!

I'm not complaining about this and really find it instead quite amusing! It's hard not to laugh at how many things we can have going on at once!

The funniest part of the article was where it was disclosed that the time guru was single, lived alone, and was an academician! That explains a lot! I spent a lot of time living alone and I would have thought the same thing!

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