Sunday, January 3, 2010

A mystery solved

Tonight I finally solved a mystery that has perplexed me ever since moving into this house two years ago.

My sister Jana died in this house and it took months to be able to come in here, much less work through the decision to buy it from Mom and Dad.

With the advent of adopting Annabel pressing ever closer I finally decided we had to have the extra space this house provides.

Before we could move in, I had several of the rooms reconfigured in an effort to lose the sadness and regain the happiness of this great house that had been Jana and her girls' home.

One night, shortly after we moved in, Grace and I heard a soft chiming noise.

We could not determine where it came from.

I was sure it was an alarm on a clock or watch or even a cell phone, but we could not find it.

At the time, at school, all the kids were talking about ghosts and others returning from the dead and I did not want Grace to grow fearful of our new home, but the noise reminded me of the sound Clarence Oddbody makes when he finally earns his wings in "It's a Wonderful Life". I almost treasured the idea that Jana was communicating with me that she had earned her wings.

The noise has continued randomly for the last two years. There did not seem to be any pattern and it was over before we could track it down. Just a soft melodic chime, nothing more.

One night I actually found that it was from an area between the girls' bathroom and the laundry room. But it stopped before I could find the source.

To set the stage for the mystery being solved, you have to understand our laundry room is actually the original back porch, where Dad has installed windows to avoid pipes from the washer freezing. It is a pretty cramped space and is definitely the catchall. The light fixture is original to the house circa 1923, so there is not a lot of light in this area.

But tonight I moved the tool box that rests on top of the dryer, since there is not another good space for it, as I was adjusting the temperature for the drying cycle I realized that there is another switch in the middle between the cycle settings and the amount of time for drying.

It says, "Cycle Chime" and then "Off" and "On".

You can already guess that the cycle chime was on and that was the noise I have heard for the last two years.

Still at this time of year it was nice thinking that angels were earning their wings! And even better that we were being notified.

I turned it off, but think now I will turn it back on and enjoy the sound and the legend that bells/chimes ringing represent.

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