Friday, January 29, 2010

One of the benefits of older adults living close by

We have continued to listen to the girls' book for Language Arts, "The Giver" by Lois Lowry.

And I have continued to be fascinated by the creativity of this story, yet the eerie similarities to the book I was reading for my book club, "The Lost Daughters of China".

What to do with the older adult seems to be an issue in both books.

The motivating factor for "losing" the girls in China is to make way for sons. The older adults in China do not have the Social Security benefits or Medicare as they do here, so they rely on their children to provide for them. Only the daughters are not allowed the privileges that the sons are allowed and are expected to care for their in laws instead. So when you are getting older and have no son to care for you, your future is uncertain and rather bleak. You become desperate for a son.

In "The Giver" the older people are released.

I had to skip ahead a few chapters to determine exactly what "released" meant, although I had an idea. Euthanasia, whether they wanted to be or not.

Well I am quite glad we don't do that here.

Last night, during a torrential down pour, Annabel announced that they toilet would not flush.

Of course I was in mine and it was not really convenient for me to try to diagnose toilet problems at the moment!

All three of us worked on repairing the handle that connects to the flapper or whatever it is! When we failed, we desperate! So if you are desperate to have your toilet work, you are very glad that someone older and much wiser lives right next door!

After a lot less grumbling and complaining than I would have done, Dad arrived carrying Mom's umbrella and after unbending a giant paper clip, proceeded to fix the toilet!

Thank goodness my parents haven't been "released"!

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