Monday, January 18, 2010

Thermometers and psychic predictions

Today ended with Grace checking everyone's temperature, which is an exercise in futility. Even though all of us are running a temperature we still have to be at school and work tomorrow!

Annabel, on the other hand, has announced that she is psychic, and was predicting my next moves after our prayers, which just shows how predictable I am.

She was right on about me cleaning up the dishes, especially three pans that had burned roast in them.

Which brings us back to where the day started. Since the girls did not have to go to school, it was somewhat of a break for me to be the only one up and not facing our long drive. So I took advantage of the break and put a roast on to cook for dinner. Before I could finish brushing my teeth though, it had already begun to burn! So, I put it in another pan, covered it with cream of mushroom soup, and ran out the door, being sure the burner was low, but high enough to cook.

It felt like we hit the road running at work this morning as one of our "older" friends who has been MIA quite a bit lately, called with an emergency situation. Thankfully Gloria handled it while I tried to meet all the noon deadlines. She ended up playing counselor and social worker to the adult children, which is really not part of her job.

About the time a complaint was being escalated up the chain, I tried to head it off as Gloria again had to "counsel" with the adult child of another "older" friend. It was pretty crazy.

When I got home, the girls were still in their pajamas! One in front of the computer, and the other in front of the TV! Now that is a day off! And my roast had burned in that pan! I threw it into a third as I dragged them to Costco, or did they drag me? Anyway, they had money burning a hole in their pocket from Christmas and we needed a few other important things.

At each stop I asked the girls if they were hungry, since they said they had only had dry cereal, with no milk, except the milk they drank. Neither was hungry until we start heading home and Annabel asks if we can go to CiCi's for pizza, right after I told her Mom had fresh corn for dinner. She was not interested in corn unless it was corn on the cob, which of course, is what I meant by "fresh" corn!

On the way home, I asked them what time they needed to be at school Tuesday. They alternate between being there at 7:30 and 8:20. So I asked if they needed to be at school at 8:20. Grace told me it was an "A" day. OK, so does that mean you have to be there at 8:20?

By this time I can feel her rolling her eyes at me as she slowly explains to me that they do not need to be there at 7:30, as it is an "A" day.

Right, so what time do you need to be there? She tells me again they do not have to be there early. I ask again, what time do you need to be there then?

Grace answers, "I don't know!". Seems she just knew for sure what time they did not need to be there!

About this time Annabel decides she is psychic. She begins to predict what I am about to do, as I am doing it, so it is really not a prediction, but more of a play by play. She keeps it up through Tom Thumb, only after reminding me to be careful not to drop anything. Seems the last time I was at Tom Thumb I dropped a pair of my underwear that must have been hiding in my pants or coat or something!

Mom rescued my roast and had the "fresh" corn ON THE COB ready for dinner, which was very handy since no one had finished their homework!

Which brings us back to checking our temperature and predicting the future. Good night!

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