Monday, January 25, 2010

Update on multi-tasking

Some people think I make up the stuff I write about.

Others, who are familiar with mmy family, think I exaggerate.

But I really could not make up what happens at times in this house.

Grace and Dad have been sick today, with different ailments, but both of which could benefit from a bowl of soup for dinner.

I had just delivered potato soup for mom and dad, and had begun our tortilla soup, along with a pan of rice, when I decided I had to give the dogs a bath.

Grace's problem stems from allergies and when the dogs begin to be aromatic, her allergies increase, so it was absolutely necessary that they get de-aromatized tonight!

I got both dogs in the tub when the phone rang.

Surely neither girl will bring me the phone KNOWING what I am doing.

But of course they did!

I hear Annabel telling Mom, no, it's no problem for you to talk to her!

Mom wonders if I forgot their cornbread for their soup? Not really, she just knows I always have stuff like that on hand.

I tell Annabel where to find it in the freezer and go back to lathering up these two mutts.

In a few minutes Annabel is back.

"Mom, is it ok if we give them four muffins?"

They can have all of them.

She tells me they don't want that many but was not sure if it would be ok with me to give them four!

I have started the washer, unloaded the dishwasher, maybe I have time to color my hair before the rice is ready???

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