Saturday, February 27, 2010

New experiences

As of tonight, I was just sure I would have pictures to upload and be able to announce that at least one or hopefully both girls, had won in the science fair. Neither did, but that just shows me how tough the competition is because my girls' experiments were brilliant and deserved a prize. OK, probably bragging, but I know they deserved a prize for perseverence and getting the work accomplished and in on time! That was a HUGE accomplishment and took ALL of us working together.

One of the things I have been fretting about is my inability to show the girls about varied sports, careers, and overall experiences.

My life is fairly boring without the part with the girls, and I have never done sports, been good at any outdoor activities, like camping, and my jobs have usually been marketing and/or social service types of things.

Dad and Mom do a good job of broadening their experiences, but sill there is just so much that grandparents can do too.

But thsi week has provided them with LOTS of new experiences.

Last Friday night, Grace chose not to go with Annabel and I to meet the older girls from China for dinner and then to the Chinese New Year's festivities at the Crow Museum. This was our first experience out together and we had a good time and got to see up close and personal how to do paper cutting and other events.

Then SAturday, the girls went with their school to the University of Texas for Girls in Engineering Day to introduce them to the potential of being an engineer when they grow up.

On Wednesday we stopped by to visit a friend who is raising chickens. They each got to chase one and catch it and hold it. Grace did a great drawing of one afterward.

Then today, a friend and her daughters dropped off the Girl Scout cookies we had ordered. While here, she taught them to do some basketball shots and how to do a somersault, neither of which I can do.

Annabel wants to join the Girl Scouts and their next meeting is a camping trip!

Maybe we can find LOTS of new and different experiences just by looking to our friends!

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