Monday, February 15, 2010

Sex, inherited traits, and family trees

This post is out of order, but have been meaning to talk about this for a while.

Science is a subject that both girls really enjoy.

But somewhere in science class you always come around to inherited traits.

Birth parents have been a hot topic on the yahoo groups recently for the parents of adopted children. Many mention that their child(ren) have had lots of questions about their birth parents and many want to "find" them.

This amazes me as my girls did not seem to even be aware of the idea of birth parents. They are not who they talk about. They have no idea who they were and there is no connection there. That's why I am surprised that other children even bring up the subject.

Mine girls do talk about their foster families quite often. Grace seemed even surprised the first time I brought up the subject of birth parents.

No, we do not know who their birth parents are. There was nothing to indicate who they were when they were left, or abandoned. I get the impression that most birth parents would prefer to stay anonymous until they are SURE they can safely identify themselves. Or maybe the circumstances were such that it will never be something they want to do.

Anyway, we were driving along and Annabel announced that she had learned we all have 46 sexes.

Thank goodness they ride in the back seat!

I asked if she meant chromosomes rather than sexes, and she thought she might!

For science they had to do a family tree with inherited traits to determine dominant/submissive traits.

Annabel had asked me lots of questions about Mom and Dad and myself, about rolling our tongue into a taco, ear lobes attached, color of eyes.

She had done her tree with all of us on it.

Grace on the other hand had explained the situation to her teacher and had just made up characteristics of her birth parents. She did not show me her project so not sure what she did.

She did not ask me any questions about what I thought her birth parents were like or why she has dimples, or the color of her eyes. She did ask me the other day if I thought she looked Chinese. I've tried to explain that China is very diverse and there are a lot of different ethnicities within the Chinese population and contrary to most beliefs they are a very diverse nation.

I'm not sure it means much yet. I am curious as to what their teacher thought about the way each handled it. I'm more curious as to when or even if questions will be asked about their birth parents.

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