Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sex sells!

"Mom, how many 'Sex Sells' do we have?"

I was asked this on the way home from work today and since we have been buying books for our library I quickly did an inventory of the more recent books delivered to see if I had ordered something that was titled that way.

My response was, "Huh?".

Brilliant, right?

So she asks it this way to make sure I understand it, "Mom, how many 'Sex Sells Jeans' do we have?".

I personally only have 2 pairs of jeans, none of which I think would sell anything!

If you are familiar with Dallas, I am on Loop 12, heading south right where it intersects with Interstate 30, which requires crossing a lot of lanes, traffic, and much manuveuring!

My brain is going into over time. I always think about the films showing how your brain looks for files and mine was spewing files from all drawers trying to think of why my little darling is asking such X Rated questions!

On the way to school they received a LONG lecture on not keeping secrets, that it is always better to ask me about things rather getting in trouble for doing something they should not, and overall that if I let them go with their school group to Austin on Saturday, I do expect perfect behavior that even a Sunday School teacher would approve of.


Is she testing me to see if I really will talk to them in a realistic way if they are just honest with me??

Finally she helps me understand.

On our science test today I think I got the answer wrong on how many sex cells we have and do you think they have matching pairs of genes?

I hope my heart has finally slowed down!

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