Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines and Chinese New Years = El Fenix!

The big question yesterday, that Grace asked repeatedly was, if it is Chinese New Years and Valentines, why are we going to El Fenix?

Dad had invited all of his "sweethearts" to lunch at El Fenix and none of us were going to turn that down, but only Grace felt there was something not quite right with that picture.

I was up early trying to prepare lunch for my boss who just had a baby. I have cooked a lot of meals for a lot of people, but for your boss it is just different. I fretted with what to cook, especially since she is a vegetarian, but decided simple was the best and made potato soup, salad, and cookies for dessert.

But trying to do all of this made me late to church. The girls had gone with Mom and Dad and when I arrived they were not in their usual places. Annabel has been complaining of a stomach ache and I immediately feared that she had gotten worse and they had rushed her to the emergency room at the hospital and how would I know which hospital they went to, and why didn't they call me, etc, etc.

I used to do this a lot if someone was not where they should be when they said they would be there. I think it stems from a time when Mom was not there to pick us up from school because my grandparents had been in a really bad accident and she had gone to the hospital to see about them.

Now I wasn't 3 or 4 for this memory, but actually in junior high, but for a long time always associated someone not being in the right place meant they were in the hospital!

I'm very glad to report that they had decided to sit in another seat, which threw me off completely and especially since Dad was not up leading the singing, a sure sign that something was very wrong.

We dropped off lunch for a church member and my boss before going to El Fenix. Marcie had made me a yummy cake, plus El Fenix provided their delicious strawberry sopapilla for dessert in addition to plenty of chips, hot sauce, and Mexican food!

Afterward Grace and I went to the movies, alone!

She read the whole Percy Jackson series and had been asking to see the movie since it was announced it was coming out.

Annabel does not like shows like that and is very scared of Harry Potter, so she went home with Mom and Dad while Grace and I headed to the movies.

She pretty much told me the whole story of the book on the way there, explained it to me during the movie, and then on the way home told me all the movie had left out! She would make an excellent tour guide as she does not leave out ANY details. I do not feel I need to read the books now! But it does not seem they stayed very true to the book, which actually sounded better than the movie.

Today was a holiday for the girls and a vacation day for me. I think we have been inside too much or dread getting back into our routine today as everyone was quite grumpy! The girls had a lot of homework to get and I am fighting off a cold, probably as a result of being in 29 degree weather Saturday morning for several hours!

I hope this shorter week will feel like a short one!

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  1. Grace is right. The movie left out MAJOR themes that will be hard to create further movies. Read the books. I think Grace is a very smart young lady and mayber a future movie critic! :-)