Saturday, March 20, 2010

Gloomy and cloudy

From Waco to Dallas is all farming country and the rolling hills and wide open skies provide a huge panoramic view of changing weather. The sky to the east was light but overcast and from the west you could see the darker clouds being blown in by such a strong wind that all the flags were standing straight out, no matter how big the flag. By the time we got home, the dark clouds were spread out and left just a cold, gray sky.

The wind was so hard, it felt like it was trying to blow the warm memories of yesterday away and replace them with the dark and cold. The drive from Waco to Dallas is always bittersweet, as it usually always involves dropping off Gillian and Darcey, my nieces, to their father and the end of all our fun together. It also means huge changes for them, but none they discuss. As soon as it is time to pack, there is a change and nervousness in Gillian to remember all their stuff and make sure we leave on time and will be at just the right place to meet their daddy. We left extra early so we would have time to eat lunch before he got there.

As they went to bed last night, I promised to check on the movie schedule to see "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" but the first showing at all the theaters made it so we would have to rush to Waco. Out of all the things we had done this week, we still had not made our doggie biscuits, so we did them this morning instead. We used the left over salmon and sweet potatoes and each girl used their creativeness to make a wide variety of shapes perfect for all types of dogs. Our dogs keep wishing they could have one more bite.

Yesterday was such a brilliant day and after a long morning walk collecting stick to make stakes out of they used our find to make a tepee. Blankets were brought out and after a few early failures, they had a pretty good structure. It was hard to have them take it down, but the forecast called for rain and was also a signal of the end of spring break.

Last night I volunteered two hours with our organic coop to bring the price of our fruits and vegetables down. It is in an old service station and there were 3 of us working away dividing larger packages of assorted greens down to individual portions when a policeman walked in and asked if we were ok. I was so far in the back that I did not realize it was a policeman at first until he came around to where I was standing. It seems there had been a hold up at a store close by and the man had gotten away. The policeman urged us to close the garage bay doors and lock the office doors. When I went through to the office area I saw that there was another door standing ajar and went and got a couple of the cops to check it out rather than doing it myself. They showed up with their guns drawn, and while I was trying to keep my composure, my back is hurting so bad, it's difficult to decide which was worse, a robber or my back ache! Not really! I guess I wasn't scared with all of them there and was thankful that Mom sent Dad to pick me up. It is less than two blocks from our house and I had walked up there. She did not know about the robbery, but would not let Dad go to bed until I was back home safe! She is a little psychic evidently!

Today in Waco I got to meet my brother in law's "friend" Patti. I had heard a lot about her from the girls and so grateful for her being there to rescue them for the more girly issues, I just had to hug her. I don't want anyone to replace my sister, but my nieces need someone to help with the day to day issues that I cannot be there for. I think she was quite surprised at my reaction, and I guess I am too. My heart aches for the girls and it is difficult to know what is best for them.

Rather than getting more morose and because my computer keeps messing up, I will stop there and go cover up my seedlings from the impending snow on our first day of spring.

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