Monday, March 8, 2010

No bit parts - these are main characters!

The weekly series of my life continues today with some of the main characters - no one time roles for them!

First let me say that I am an excellent judge of character. Rarely is my first impression wrong. When I started this job 11 years ago I shared an assistant with a woman who was my complete opposite. That did not last long as we made her crazy and she quit!

The economy was really good at the time and no one was applying for a job. It would be weeks at a time before I would get an applicant. One woman showed up with her kids and in her house shoes!

Finally another employee referred her friend and I knew that it was not going to work, but I was desperate and hired her. Within a short amount of time she told me I could jump up her bum, sideways, and was released from her employment with me.

Then another woman came highly recommended from another employee. I knew it wasn't going to work, but I had not had an applicant in quite a while so thought I would take a chance. She soon began having trysts with as many male employees as she could and the rumor was most occurred in my office! Her employment ended pretty soon after that.

Then I hired a man who came highly recommended by another employee. He got way too friendly with the male Mormon missionaries, then moved onto our volunteers, and when he imposed himself on one, he was given his walking papers.

With all of these people I knew it was not going to work, but I was so desperate for help I took a chance.

I decided to hold out for a better choice the next time and when a very highly regarded employee told me her daughter was interested in the position I had, I was thrilled. For the first time I thought I might have someone good to work with. And I did!

Erika quickly became more than just a co-worker and more like part of the family.

The only part of having someone highly qualified, they move to higher paying, "better" jobs.

When she left I had a chance to hire another person whose family members were co-workers. I knew Gloria would be a perfect fit and she still is.

There are several reasons I am talking about these two because with us working together it has more than once been like an episode of I Love Lucy, with the antics of Lucy and Ethel! I have a tendency to think of these HUGE plans but need help in bringing any of it to fruition! Thankfully both are extremely hard workers and willing to help me achieve these dreams. They tease me about always saying that things will work out, but now believe me!

Another important point about these two are they were there during the most important times of my life.

When you have a biological child, I am guessing that not all the BIG events happen at work.

If you are adopting, most do. You get THE call while at work that you have been matched witha child, approved to adopt, and when you are travelling to adopt your child.

Erika was there when I opened my first picture of Grace. She held my hand through all the tons of paper work, then made me lots of check lists and copies as we got ready to board the plane to China.

Gloria was there when I first found Annabel. She held my hand through all the tons of paper work, made lots of check lists and copies as we got ready to board the plane to China again!

Erika has been back working with us temporarily for the last few months, so we have gone from being Lucy and Ethel, to maybe more of hmmm, can't think of any show that has three characters except the Golden Girls and Gloria and Erika are too young to be in that group!

Yesterday I wrote about my experiences with the dead battery.

I left out an imortant part of the story!

As soon as I told Gloria and Erika about my battery, they immediately started planning on how we could pull the battery out of my car, take it to the store, get another, and put it back in! These are some strong women and they know how to take care of things! They were already looking for a piece of cardboard to set the battery on in the car and gloves to ensure they did not get acid on their hands! I'm surprised they did not have the battery pulled at the store waiting on me!

But this is how they handle everything! No matter what you need they are there to help or do it for you! They are there for all of my family, all of our volunteers, and anyone else who needs help! So they would not be the drop in stars in my weekly series, they would definitely be part of the all star cast! The headliners!

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  1. Uhh hummm, I think you are too young to be a golden girl too.