Friday, April 16, 2010

An ahhh moment

A lot has been discussed this week about foreign adoptions and because someone did an unthinkable act, it put adoptions for others in jeopardy.

One thing I did not notice discussed much was adopting an older child.

Even for most adopting parents, an older child is not an option.

Both of my daughters were older.

Annabel was 11.

I've written more about her this week than Grace, but it is partly because she is coming to a great point in our relationship where more trust has been established and we have more to talk about and with the tutoring, talking is even easier. But there is still plenty to learn.

Today she jumped into the car, on our way for her band's spring concert, and she announced she had a major case of stage fraid. It's good to have a little sister like Grace to set you straight that it is stage fright, not stage fraid.

We made a quick stop at Chik Fil A for a "snack" and so she could change clothes for the performance. While there we ran into her first friend that is a boy, but not her boyfriend, but someone she would not mind having for a boyfriend, but now is he is her best friend's boyfriend, and now they are just friend.

Life and love at 12 is complicated, isn't it?

I suggested she ask him to sit with us which put her in an odd place of glee but also fear and gave me my first opportunity to embarass her in front of a boy. I have LOTS of experience doing this for my nieces and now glad to spread it to my daughters.

She could not believe I would ask him about his new girlfriend. Shoot, I had barely gotten started with my questions when it was time to go!

The concert was a combination of several choirs, orchestras, and bands, with the group Annabel was in lastng about 5 minutes, but considerably better than it was at the Christmas concert!

The evening ended as it always does with our good night prayers.

Get ready for an ahhh moment.

For those who would not even consider adopting an older child, I wish they could meet Annabel.

Her part of the prayer is usually the longest, as she makes sure to pray for all of us, our minister, his wife, their teacher who has been sick, and now includes my niece Marcie, her husband Drew, and their little baby who is still only 6 weeks into development, but remembered nightly by Annabel.

Then she ended it with "Thank you God for walking with me through the concert tonight."

Enough said!

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