Friday, April 16, 2010

Income taxes

Last night it was 3:30 before I finally gave up on completing my income taxes.

Today I was trying to explain to the girls about what had kept me up so late.

Have you ever tried to explain income taxes to a child? Especially when it is a completely new topic for them?

The more I explained, the more it sounded like we live in a communist country, the need to report all that we make and how we spend it.

That's pretty much what your income tax does, isn't it?

I was also the bad mommy and jumped to conclusions today when I got an email from the science teacher telling me that Annabel had failed her science test.

I was so angry. I'm not sure who or what I was mad at but I could not stand for Annabel to deal with failing this test after we had worked so hard on it.

When she got in the car I asked how her day went and she told me Good! She said she did good on her test.

Oh really???

I told her what her teacher had emailed and she was crushed.

I pulled back up the email and read it to her.

You could feel the relief immediately.

The teacher had emailed me about the last test, not today's test, and she was offering for Annabel to corect the test for an improved grade.

We were both so relieved and can't wait to see what she did on the current test with all the extra work!

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