Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday madness

Sunday nights can be a difficult time to fall asleep if you have too much on your mind.

Last night I did and finally sometime after 3:30 I fell asleep.

When this happens the alarm going off at 6:00 is really hard to believe is set for the correct time, but quickly enough, Annabel comes in with a whisper telling me she cannot find her white shirt she needs for school.

I urge her to look through the mountain of clean and folded clothes on the dining room table.

She insists she did but still cannot find it.

I drag in and begin to dig through the clothes and even if there was a white shirt in there, I could not find it.

I knew I had caught up on the laundry but the last load was still in the washer. With my eyelids barely open I move onto the back porch digging into the washing machine, which hopefully has the needed white shirt and throw it into the dryer.

In between I am running back to my room trying to get ready for work.

Then I realize that even without the needed top Annabel seemed paralyzed in place as she could not get her routine going if it was happening out of order.

We have done really well with breakfast lately with either homemade sausage and biscuits or burritos. This week they have their VERY spicy jalapeno laced sausages cooked and ready to go, but not a good way to eat them. I quickly start a pan of rice, throw in some of the sausages, find my shoes, come back and turn the water for the rice off and hope for the best.

I ran back to get my lipstick and in that instant heard a loud crash.

Annabel had spilled her entire glass of high dollar organic milk I splurged on and Grace is standing there munching on her breakfast and nonplussed about anything. Annabel is running around trying to decide what can actually hold a glass of milk and makes a beeline to the paper towels. I am yelling to grab a towel instead and ask Grace to chip in by getting another towel.

Grace shows up with a luncheon size napkin, Annabel pulls the corner off a paper towel, and I am grabbing the mop off the back porch.

When I realized they were only tracking milk through the whole house, I urged them to go toward the front door so I can finish cleaning and we can hit the road.

At this point the morning came to a complete stop.

Sometimes I think the door knobs on this old house have a personality of their own and the door between the dining room and living room continues to get stuck. Stuck so much that you stand there for a few minutes trying to turn it this way and that and then just hoping that the door will pop open.

So while I finish up the mopping the girls are standing there trying to get the door open.

We actually got out of the house only to be slowed down by all the rubberneckers looking at where Texas Stadium stood. Forty minutes for drive time just wasn't enough! I briefly glanced at the open field that had held Texas Stadium and felt nothing but pining for all the great dirty and equipment to do container gardening with!

Believe it or not, the girls got to school on time.

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