Sunday, April 4, 2010

An out of sync Easter

Today I decided that I have no chance at Mother of the Year!

It has brought a tremendous sense of relief to me in some ways and does not seem to bother my daughters, so I guess it is OK.

Everyone on Facebook is posting their pictures of their new Easter outfits, the Easter egg hunts, dying eggs, etc, while my daughters went to church in one of their usual outfits, dyed eggs at 5:00 today, and then hid the eggs for each other!

So you see, I can no longer be a contestant for Mother of the Year!

Instead of getting our eggs dyed yesterday, I dragged the girls car shopping!

The last new car I bought was probably in 1986. It was my dream car, a Volkswagen convertible. Not the bug as that was the strange time they were not making them, but a bright red convertible nonetheless. I even had matching RayBan Wayfarer sunglasses!

When I decided I needed a job that could make me feel good at the end of the day and quit working for SWBT, Southwestern Bell Telephone for those too young to remember, I went back to school for 2 1/2 years and got my masters in rehab counseling. Now that job can make you feel good at the end of the day, but it does not pay the bills.

My first job was in Fort Worth and I lived in Denton at the time, about a 30 miles trip each way. By then my VW was not making the trip too well so I went looking for a new car. The first time I ever looked for a car by myself and I took the first one I drove, a brand new Accord, that was a standard, so I could get more power! Since the highest paying job I had in the 2 1/2 years prior was as an usher at the Morton Meyerson Symphony Hall, I had no money for a car that nice, but I was determined to get one with air bags. I was working with people who had brain injuries and I saw how important protecting your brain in a car wreck could be! Especially since they were clients of mine because they did not have air bags.

So to get this nice car I leased it. It's pretty funny now thinking about me going to the first dealership and taking the first car I drove. I'm sure they saw me coming!

When the lease was up I was sure that was the way to go so I could keep getting a new car without all the expense. I had also grown tired of having my VW in the repair shop all the time and felt like I should not still be relying on Mom and Dad to rescue me everytime my car broke down. So since 1994, I have leased cars. My lease is almost up and I have decided I have to be an adult now and BUY my car. PLUS, it will most likely be the car the girls learn to drive in. The station wagon or mini van just aren't as appealing for that. BUT it must have a great safety rating.

When I traded last time, I made the big step to a true Momma Mobile and moved into a mini van. This wasn't too long after I adopted Grace and Jana and her girls and I went everywhere together. We had planned our first family vacation that summer. I was insistent on getting a car big enough to hold everyone, which it easily did. There is one big problem with a mini van and that is that they are HUGE! I have no depth perception because I can only see out of one eye, so this car has plenty of dings in it where I misjudged the distance several times. I"m not so sure they are going to be pleased when I turn this one back in!

When I got the mini van, I took Grace car shopping with me. We started the day at McDonalds for breakfast and finally came home that night at 10:00 with our new car. That is a really long day for an eight year old!

I took both girls with me yesterday to just look at one car, but we ended up at three different dealerships. Two 12 year olds is even crazier to shop with, but they were troopers and kept themselves entertained, until the last dealership. By then we had all gotten punchy and even though they were offering a good deal, I walked away for everyone's sanity.

Dying eggs today seemed like a better idea than starting them at 9:00 last night. Annabel has to have her sleep because she is gets up early regardless of what time she goes to bed, so we put it off.

So the girls got up expecting that the Easter bunny had arrived over night, but not saying a word. OK, the Easter bunny did not even show up until everyone was eating breakfast! I don't know where the girls' Easter baskets are and so I kept putting it off last night, and probably would have tried to convince them they are too old for such things, but I realized it was just Annabel's second Easter ever, so we needed one more visit from the bunny.

Last year's Easter candy ended up in the trash, as they neither girl eats much candy, so this year I had to find something different than candy to fill their baskets. While they looked on the other side of the Hobby Lobby, I filled my basket with lots of their favorite craft items and a small Whitman's sampler for each. OK, I can't help but sit here and laugh knowing that sounds like an older person's gift, but my kids love their Poppa's boxes of candy, so they got miniatures. They weren't sure of what they had gotten!

So the Easter bunny got here late and brought his treats in regular baskets that definitely do not look Eastery, brought Whitman's Samplers, rather than chocolate bunnies, but thankfully, my girls thought their new things were great!

By the time Grace finally finished her homework today and all the other things that seem to steal your Sunday afternoon away, they finally started dying eggs at 5:00 today. Then Annabel announced that she was going to hide the eggs for Grace! I was in the process of transplanting things in my garden, so was glad they decided to do it for each other. I think they would have done more of the hiding and finding but the cute tween boy across the street was out playing, so you can't appear too immature!

They seemed to survive, but I have no pictures of our festivities and they did not have new outfits to take pictures in, since they got new clothes for Chinese New Year's and since they wear uniforms 5 days a week, I decided there was no need. So our year will be remembered in our hearts only. Hope you had a great Easter!

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