Thursday, April 15, 2010

Soap operas

Our drive to school each morning is at least 30 minutes.

We used to listen exclusively to Taylor Swift or Jonas Brothers, but usually only Taylor Swift.

At some point we, really me, got tired of Taylor Swift (we only have 1 CD) and suggested we listen to the radio sometimes.

When did morning radio become R rated?

Grace is my back seat moral compass and as soon as a song comes on that she does not think I will approve of, she tells me it is a bad song and change the channel.

Rarely do I understand what they are saying, so I am glad she is watching out for us!

Yesterday morning the DJs were discussing soap operas and what they said hit me as funny.

The girls wanted me to explain what they were talking about.

Uh oh, how do you explain soap operas to two kids that have never seen one and whose TV viewing is monitored and rarely strays from Disney or Nick?

I explained about all the dramas involved, how they each got married lots of times, and had lots of kids, and everyone had lots of problems all while wearing a strand of pearls.

Grace asked why they were called "soap operas".

Here is where I mess up regularly and start explaining the idea of soap in the title and they were sponsored by detergent companies, and about how her grandmother watched one religiously.

After the long discussion, Grace said, "So they sing all the words?"

They sing????

Oh, she wanted to know about the word "opera" not soap!

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