Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mother's Day a week late!

This has been a very full week and I am way behind on updating my blog.

So I will start where I left off.

Last Sunday was Mother's Day and my wonderful daughters surprised me! I knew they had made Mom go with them to Ross but I thought they had just helped Mom and Dad pick me out a new suitcase.

Let me start at the beginning though.

Last Sunday morning Annabel could be heard rummaging around in the kitchen. I thought she was trying to make me a cup of coffee and I was thrilled over that, but she also made me toast and spread it with peanut butter and sugar, just the way I like it, found one last packet of my Starbucks instant coffee, and brought it all to me in bed! I've never had breakfast in bed and I know I never expected to have a daughter who wanted to provide it.

Then she helped me with the roses for the ladies at church.

When I first started doing the Pink Ribbon Tea party nine years ago, I started making rose corsages for all the ladies. After becoming a mom, I switched to just giving away a flower. But this year Annabel wanted to help and so we made a bunch of them into small corsages, more like a boutonniere. She took a basket full and left for church early with her grandparents.

Dad volunteered to take us all out to eat and we had a great lunch at our favorite, El Fenix.

Afterward the girls could not wait to give me their present and it was way more than the suitcase I saw smuggled into the car on Saturday.

They had used their own money to buy me some new clothes! I could not believe it! They insisted they pay. Isn't that the sweetest thing? And Grace had made me a card on the computer. PLUS they let me have a long nap! Wow! I've had the best mother's day ever!

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