Saturday, May 29, 2010

My Grace

Since I should be packing and too tired to even take a shower, I think I will post a few things about Grace.

For those just tuning in, I adopted Grace when she was 6 and now she is 12 and it has all been a blur and if I did not have pictures of her when she was younger, I would think she had always been exactly as she is now.

Six years as mother and daughter has gotten us to a point that we are more alike than different and comfortable with how we have grown together in our roles.

And more importantly, Grace is a beautiful child with a kind heart but she is now exploring shifting her role into being independent from me. It took a long time for her to grow dependent on me and know and expect that I would be there, that I would not desert her.

But now she is a tween and needs to make her own decisions, with me close by, and so she has to question almost everything I say and do. I feel really guilty now for doing it to my mom, as I know it made her crazy.

As an example, yesterday as we drove to school I asked if they were sure they had to wear their uniforms, as there were a lot of kids in jeans and t shirts.

Grace told me those were primary students.

OK, they grow them really tall at that school, I guess, but as we made it through the carpool lane, I saw more and more kids in jeans and t shirts, yet some were in uniform.

I commented that I thought maybe the seniors were allowed to wear jeans.

Grace immediately told me no, those were not seniors, they were the ones that were graduating and going to college.

I took her swim suit shopping and it is really difficult to find a junior size swim suit that leaves nothing to the imagination.

We went to 4 different stores that had rack after rack of swim suits.

We would barely get close to the suits and I would ask if she saw something she liked.


Really? You already saw them all?

She also caught her long, gorgeous hair cut, after torturing Annabel and I since last August as to the big decision of whether she should have bangs again.

Now the primary topic of conversation? Her hair. She can put it in a pony tail, but does it look too short? What about in pig tails? If she puts it in a bun, then it makes it curl by itself. What if she combs it this way? How does that look?

But back to the sweetheart of a daughter, we were cleaning out their room last night, trying to make room for bunk beds so their cousins will have a semi-permanent place to sleep this summer.

We found so much STUFF and each time I would ask where had she gotten that mess. Each time she told me I had bought it (hard to have memory problems at this age!). I remarked with incredulity that I had bought some of the dumbest things I had ever seen for a child.

Very sweetly she says, but Mom, you were new to being a mom and did not know.

How sweet is that?

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