Thursday, May 27, 2010

One too many big events!

Time gets away much too quickly and one of the hardest parts of the job I do is the intensity of work leading up to one of our larger programs. We barely sat down and then we were headed straight into the grand opening of our community garden.

While I've done this kind of event planning for over 11 years, I have never had the problems associated with this one event.

I took a short break from the garden and all the meetings while trying to adjust to the demands of the tutoring needs for Annabel. If you know Dallas, then the drive to tutoring helps you understand when I say I had to adjust.

My job is close to downtown. The girls school is about 20 miles northwest of downtown. The tutoring is about 8 miles north east of downtown. And to get from the northwest side to the northeast side you are constantly swimming upstream.

But I digress.

So after my break from the meetings for the garden and jumping right back in, I realized we had lots of work to do to make it visually effective as a "grand opening". This immediately propelled me into overdrive in pulling weeds, making pathways, hauling and spreading mulch, clearing underbrush, picking up trash, etc.

When we had it almost ready, we discovered a puddle of water that seemed to be quite rotten.

I had never dealt with a sewage issue in the middle of the area where I am expecting over 200 people, just days before the event!

The more we dug, the quicker the puddle became a pool and the worse it smelled.

That was on a Wednesday night and then on Thursday we were expecting media to cover a very generous woman's gift to the garden and smack dab in the middle was this pool of really bad smelling water.

Thankfully if you have connections, which this woman did, one of your connections is a "water specialist" who was called and rather quickly made an assessment of the situation and announced it was run off water, only, with no sewage involved! So yea! Now we just have a small pool in the front of the garden but at least no one would get sick!

He suggested I buy the large economy of Ivory liquid to help change the ions of the water to help it absorb into the clay easier.

While I went to buy the Ivory liquid a terrible thunderstorm blew in, along with almost 2 inches of rain and tornadoes in other locations.

When I got back to the garden, the whole thing was under water, as the ground was already saturated with the run off and instead of a small pool, I now had an Olympic size pool of water just sitting and covering the whole place!

Years ago when my parents would garden at my grandmother's house and something similar happened, I remembered Dad grabbing a hoe and making trenches until you could finally get the water to drain off. Only this was about 100 feet long with 2 trenches needed that length!

I have to admit by the time the water was draining into the street, I was exhausted, but my biceps are looking good!

The event went without a hitch and over 200 people attended, most of them riding bikes, as we were part of a bike ride they had here in the neighborhood.

OK, no more big events for a while. My girls really need my attention!

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