Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day

I've actually started writing a post about Father's Day two other times, but did not like the way they were coming together, so here is my third attempt.

I decided it is hard to write about Father's Day because we don't do fathers justice with their celebratory day.

For mother's day, I do this huge tea party and urge women to invite their mothers, grandmothers, daughters, granddaughters and we have a great time.

Father's Day is in June and in Texas it is really hot in June, so there is not a lot of desire to have big celebrations when you know you will just sweat! I tried having a men's health day but would never have considered urging them to bring their fathers, grandfathers, sons, grandsons. For one thing, I just don't think they would have.

Father's Day gifts are hard too.

My father has a tendency to buy himself what he wants JUST before father's day, which makes it really hard to find the perfect gift. And my dad is one of the few who would REALLY love to have a tie and shirt each and every holiday, but then there is the problem that he has no room in his closets because he does love shirts and ties, with the numbers in the 100's of each!

At least this year Lisa made the long drive the day before and took everyone out to dinner on Saturday to a great place where everything is fried, has gravy, and plenty of biscuits! So that took care of what was for dinner, even though it was the day before.

Then on Father's Day, we were invited back to our old church, which is now a Spanish church, so there are lots of memories and it makes the whole thing bittersweet. This is the church we all grew up in and where we were baptised and Lisa was married and a whole lifetime of experiences. So it was a little difficult to focus on Dad on Father's Day.

But I think my Dad deserves a better celebration than what Father's Day does. There is not a card to express all your feelings and if there were one, it would just make him cry and then you would feel guilty.

This has been a tougher year for my dad.

His best friend, who also happens to be our minister, has been so close to death so many times in the last few months, that after 100 days, we are ecstatic that he has finally been able to move to rehab. For so many of those days he was in a coma.

Not only is is difficult to have your best friend in a coma, but then that leaves the functioning of the church, the shepherding of the flock to fall primarily on Dad's shoulders. It has seemed that an inordinate number of people have passed away, gotten difficult diagnoses, had serious family issues, and not the least of these, we needed someone to preach all the sermons! This all became Dad's task and no one has felt the least slighted with our minister being absent. Dad has fulfilled the needs.

Then recently his older sister passed away. She was the one who knew the family history, the guardian of the treasures of the family, the one who seemed invincible.

There have been other problems, some financial, some personal, but all seem to have taken a toll on his health.

This is the man who normally has my yard mowed before I can even get out the door for work and for the first time is sitting down to say he is tired.

My Dad is a very tall man with very broad shoulders. This year they have been weighted down with so much from so many it makes it hard to fit how much you appreciate all he does for you in a card or a gift because all of that is way too small and could never really express your sentiments.

My Dad is a good man who would do NO harm to anyone. He is outspoken on what he believes and has had to make very tough choices, but he stays true to his word and more importantly the word of God.

I love you, Father Dear!

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