Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Major bragging on both girls!

I try not to start my stories with "I" because one time my sister Lisa pointed out that when I wrote a letter, I always started each paragraph/sentence with "I" and it made me sound egotistical.

Oh well.

I'm way behind on posting this important information.

About a month before school was out, the girls' English teacher gave me the head's up that she thought Annabel was going to win a major award at the end of the year awards assembly.

Annabel came home the day before the assembly with the note telling me what time and where to be there.

They gave awards that had previously been won at competitions, awards for all the standards the school upholds, and each one, I thought was going to be what Annabel had won.

Then they came down to the very last award and the principal said it was his favorite award to present, as it represented the hardest work, the highest values, and overall everything the school stood for, "Most Improved". He mentioned that to win out of close to 700 students was quite an accomplishment and then he said Annabel's name.

Of course I shed tears. I was so proud for her to be recognized for all she has accomplished. It has not been 2 years since she has been an American and everything in the life she knew was turned upside down. I wish there was some way to let all of those who loved her in China, know how much she has done, but especially, her birth parents. They need to know their decision was ok. That her life is good.

Then yesterday we finally got their report cards.

They only get report cards every quarter, rather than 6 weeks like most schools.

I kept getting reports from Annabel's teachers that her grades and assignments were not too good.

I knew she needed some motivation, as I REALLY did not want to have to take her to summer school. Shoot, I love summer just so I cut 80 miles out of my commute and dreaded doing it all summer long!

So we made an agreement that if she made all B's and if Grace made all A's they would get a special prize.

Annabel made four B's and FOUR A'S!!! And not just in PE! She made an A in band, PE, Technology, AND LANGUAGE ARTS! How amazing is that!?

When you look at her grades you see the consistent upswing from the time she began the tutoring in reading. It's amazing how much a student can accomplish when given the opportunity and the skills needed to learn!

Then in the same envelope were Grace's grades for her report card, as well as her test scores.

In Texas, students are required to pass the TAKS test for each grade. Annabel's scores don't count as she takes one for those with linguistic challenges.

But Grace's scores do count and in math she got EVERY SINGLE QUESTION CORRECT!!! She made a perfect score, which makes her score, "commended" and she also got "commended" on the reading part! Wow!

And her report card was all A's except one B in Spanish!

I'm sure they take after their mom, right?


  1. Fantastic results for the end of the year grades! Those are really things to celebrate! I'm so proud of the girls and YOU, too!

  2. "I" is just an indication of a first person narrative writing. Don't let you sister get on to you! :-)