Saturday, June 19, 2010

What fathers do!

Here on Father's Day Eve, I realize that I am slowly developing an understanding and some serious empathy for the life of a father, specifically my father.

Driving from Santa Fe to Dallas in one day made me realize how those vacations for him, probably were not as much fun as we thought they were for him! That is hard work and when everyone in the car starts to get whiny, you have to stay focused and keep going even though you would like to stop the car and whip everyone!

Speaking of whipping, there is a pretty funny story about Dad and whipping.

My dad is a very kind hearted person who does not enjoy things like hunting because that would mean killing something. Although I have seen him angry, I have never seen him raise his hand in anger.

When we were very young, we went to this little tiny church. One Sunday Lisa needed to go to the bathroom and on their way out, she began to scream, "Don't beat me daddy!".

Back to fathers.

Since we did not have air conditioning growing up, we slept with the windows open, of course. Our bedroom windows were on the drive way.

Saturday mornings in the summer Dad started early mowing, edging, etc. He had to go down the driveway with all his equipment, but I managed to block out all the noise and keep right on sleeping. Even when he was mowing right under our windows, I still could sleep right through it. So Dad always did all the work by himself.

Recently I had a neighbor offer to help me clean off my porch. It took that to make me realize what a horrible mess it was in, so after I dropped our guest off this morning, I started early trying to pull out the weeds, trim the shrubs, mow, with the ultimate goal of cleaning off the porch.

Of course in Texas, by 10:00 a.m. it is pretty hot when you are doing manual labor and I would come in to grab a drink of water and one of my precious girls was still sound asleep. The other had been up and offering to help any way she could.

When it got to be 11:00 a.m. and my darling is still asleep, I realized I was not as patient as dad and went in and told her to get up, get dressed, and get outside to help me!

I'm not good at being the dad!

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