Wednesday, July 7, 2010

All on my own!

After having a constant stream of guests this summer, all my troop headed off to Austin with their Aunt Lisa, leaving me home alone, for the first time since, maybe I became a mom six years ago. There might have been a night here or there where Grace spent the night at a friend's and the time I was in the hospital, but me being home alone, it has been a LONG time.

Spending my second evening at home, alone, I came up with the top ten list of things that are different with no children at home:

Number 10. It is always your day to feed the dogs.
Number 9. It is always your turn to let the dogs out.
Number 8. You can't find a whole load of laundry to do.
Number 7. No one to dirty enough dishes to run the dishwasher.
Number 6. Your phone bill goes up.
Number 5. No one says hello back.
Number 4. No one to share a meal with.
Number 3. The dogs look at you like accusingly wondering where you put their kids.
Number 2. No one to say your prayers with.
Number 1. No one to kiss good night and good morning to!

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