Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Be prepared!

Tonight we are packing for camp! While this camp is only 4 days long, Admiral Byrd did not pack nearly as much for expeditions to the South Pole, I am sure.

I've decided packing for camp is the precursor, or the required course for other of life's adventures.

There is a fairly new organization in the area that specializes in services for children who are adopted and their families. So I cut and paste their description here:

Here you’ll find a wide range of services designed to meet the unique needs of families with adopted children. Staffed by adoption specialists, we offer 1 and 2-day workshops with separate programming for parents and children to enhance your understanding of and relationship with your child.

It's called My Tree House and we have only done one of their events so far, where the girls initially dragged their feet and begged and pleaded not to go, but came out so excited over the experience and the insight they had gained about themselves.

The second program they had was the same day as my big huge tea party and both girls asked if they could go to the tree house program instead of my party! That tells you how great this group is!

When I received the first notice about the camp, I had Gillian and Darcey here and while they would have all benefited from the program, I wasn't sure their daddy would approve, so I did not pursue it.

At the same time I began reading a fantastic book, "The Lucky Girl", written by Mei Ling Hopgood. Mei Ling was adopted as a baby and then as an adult was contacted by her birth family. She chose to meet them and have a relationship with them and as the meetings and years progressed, learned more and more about her birth family, and details they did not want her to know.

To me, I appreciated that someone could experience all that she did and recognize that was just a part of her, but did not make her who she was, that was her on conscious decision to make. She had great parents and two wonderful brothers, who were adopted from Korea, and had a strong sense of identity and purpose instilled from an early age.

I think that is what all adoptive parents wish for their children, that we can provide a strong, stable environment full of love, education, discipline, church, and family, so no matter what happens in the future, our children can make good decisions. It's probably what all parents want, but for adoptive parents, it has its own set of complications.

So after reading that and after the three of us had some time to spend together, I realized that I should take advantage of opportunities to help my daughters any way I can.

The people at My Tree House were so nice and bent the rules and let us register at the last minute and so tonight, after 10001 loads of laundry, my girls might be packed for their 4 day adventure.

This will be the very first time ever for me not to be able to communicate in some way with them. No phones, no MP3s, no video games. Wow! I hope they don't get as homesick as I always did and as I am feeling right now! When they were gone to Lisa's for that week, the first day, Grace and I texted or called every hour! By the end of the week, I think Grace had set my number as a do not answer number!!! Just kidding!

Of course for me, while they were gone, it was not the means to all ends, where I would suddenly clean out my refrigerator, change my air filter, organize the garage, find the mates to my lost socks. It took me until the last day to even feel that I could take a breath!

This time, I have much more realistic ideas of what I can and cannot accomplish. I just hope I remember to feed the dogs!

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