Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 5, no kids

Day 5 of no children. All hope is lost. Working too late, extreme overeating, staying up too late, dishes stacked up in the sink, lethargic, dogs desperate for attention.

What is really sad is that is no exaggeration!

My older sister's husband and kids went off on a trip and to make sure she had company, she invited my girls and my nieces to spend the week with her.

Posh! I could not imagine why she would not just enjoy the time alone! I spent YEARS by myself! How bad could 5 days be???

I initially jumped at the chance, because after six years of being single mom, which is not a title I throw around often because it is used as an explanation by so many in the media, and since I chose to be a mom don't ever want it to sound like it is something bad, but let's be real, this is a TOUGH job! I don't know what it is like if you start from infancy with your kids, but I can tell you, adopting an older child, much less two older children, and being single cannot be a job for wimps! Especially if they speak another language and you don't speak it. But I don't ever want anyone to think I am bragging on myself either, but it is hard and the hours are long and it can get quite difficult when you don't think you can put one foot in front of the other, but you have 2 kids who need you much more than you need to take a break.

But my whole point to this is, I had had a hint that I had made HUGE changes in my life since becoming a mom, and now that I have had a few days without the responsibilities, I see just how great those changes have been.

I am not a good housekeeper. Never have been, never will be.

Before kids, did not care if the dishes were there for days.

With kids, cannot stand to go to bed with a dish in the sink!

Laundry could stack up for days, shoot weeks! Folding was strictly an option and usually I would just drag something out of the basket to wear.

With kids, at least one load is done every night, folding and putting away is done on Saturday and we start the week with what we need!

Before kids, meals consisted of a loaf of French bread, nachos, popcorn, you get the picture.

With kids, a meal is planned and usually at least once that day we have our fruits and/or vegetables.

Before kids, meals were whenever the mood struck.

With kids, meals have to be at a reasonable hour so they can get it digested before they go to bed, which is early!

Before kids, bedtime was whenever.

With kids, bedtime is a reasonable time EVERY night!

Before kids, wake up time was whenever.

With kids, I know Annabel will be getting up early and I need to be up too!

So no matter how hard this job is, it is the BEST change my life has ever had! I LOVE the life I have with my girls. I LOVE having my nieces here.

I don't like to be alone any more!

I am so surprised to learn this.

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