Friday, July 9, 2010

Home, Safe and Sound!

Hopefully tonight I can sleep better since my girls are finally home! Plus it is kind of rainy, which is really weird for Texas in July. Plus I am exhausted!

Last night when I talked to the girls I asked if they were ready to come home. Grace did not answer. When I pressed she said that she had had fun, translation, I really am having a good time here, do I have to come home?

Annabel, ever the diplomat, who told me I had had her for a year and it was time for me to share, said when asked the same question, sort of, kind of, maybe, yes, no, you know.

I'm glad they all had a good time.

Lisa remarked on how well behaved they all are, but the mentally it was very difficult! They all ask questions at once, yet none listen to the answers, and if you answer one question, then the next will ask the same question!

Plus if you are trying to pay for something or even look at something in a store, I don't know how Grace does it, but she can always manage to get between you and what you are trying to do and then Darcey pops up too! It is really quite comical and reminds me when I first adopted Grace, she would stand directly in front of the door making it impossible to put the key in!

Tonight I think they wish they were back at Lisa's.

Lisa has spoiled them with good restaurants and even better take out!

I on the other hand, the ever frugal person, made them all put on "cow" costumes so we could get a free meal at Chik Fil A! For two of the three tweens, this was quite traumatic and I assured them they would not see anyone they knew.

Well, about half way through our meal, Gillian lit up and said hi to someone I could not see. Sure enough, a long time friend of hers from school! What are the chances??? At least she had taken off her ears, spots, and tail!

Then tonight we have worked through HUGE piles of things trying to get ready for a garage sale tomorrow. They were so tired, no one argued about going to bed at 9:00!

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