Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A story that has to do with little else but this story

Sunday we stopped by Sam's on our way to my cousins' house to buy a dessert for their annual 4th of July party.

I wanted the big thing of brownies we had enjoyed recently at a party with the music students.

This Sam's did not have them and instead had the little brownie bites, which did not look like enough since 50 people were expected.

Grace thought they looked good so I asked her how many were in the box.

Hmmm, she looked at them and said, well there are 8 times 8.

The box was fairly small and I could not imagine there were 64 brownie bites in that box, so I glanced down and counted 4 x 4 with 2 levels and came up with 32.

This is my daughter who made a perfect score on the TAKS test for math!

We opted for the large economy ice cream sandwich/fudgesicle/drumstick/eskimo pie combo, but knew we had to hurry as it would melt quickly.

Then as we were checking out, I put my membership card on the conveyor belt in front of our items, which is what I normally do.

The cashier looked at it, advanced the conveyor belt, the card got stuck in the little area as the conveyor belt disappears into the netherworld, AND THEN advanced it again!

My card disappeared from view and I am standing there knowing my ice cream is melting and wondering what she was possibly thinking and then she advanced the conveyor belt thing all the way around like she expected it to pop back up!

THEN she looks on the ground waiting for it to pop out of a container that is completely sealed!

Again, my only thought is my ice cream is melting.

She leaves and talks to someone and comes back and tells me I need to get a new card and vaguely points over to an area with a long line.

I finally opened my mouth to explain that I was not going to wait in another line after waiting in her line!

So she speaks to someone else and they bring me toward the front of the line and the woman tells me she is taking my picture and before I know it we are out the door and all my girls can ask is who was at fault!

It was just so bizarre and our ice cream did get squishy, but it did not keep anyone from eating it!

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