Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summertime baseball

Ahhh, the lazy days of summer! NOT!

Between work and home, I feel I am constantly running this summer. It is after midnight and I have to be at a Medicare conference early, but still quite sticky and sweaty from our fun time tonight.

There are all these online coupon programs, like and that have a variety of things that you can purchase around Dallas at a deeply discounted rate. Usually they are restaurants, spa services, and some entertainment.

They have come in very handy for places I knew we would enjoy going and being to do it at half the price, it only makes sense to give them a try! Especially when you are trying to make your income cover for 5 rather than 3.

I had completely forgotten about buying one for the minor league baseball team, the Grand Prairie Air Hogs, but was looking on line today and found my coupon for 4 box seats for only $15. There is usually a catch and this one required it being used on a Sunday through Thursday game and when I checked, there was a game tonight.

Annabel loves all sports, especially basketball, volleyball, and she has recently added baseball to her favorites, so this had seemed like a great deal at the time, only looking at their schedule, I was concerned that we needed to do it quickly or lose our chance to go.

When I mentioned it to the girls, they were reluctant at first, as Poppa had told them we would go to CiCi's, but when I convinced them that it would be OK, they got really excited at the thought of "box" seats!

"Box" seats are not quite what you would expect, but for a ball park that holds 5500 and expected attendance was less than 2200, we got amazing seats right behind home plate.

Immediately I was bombarded with questions about the game and strained my memory on how to answer most.

Annabel and I really enjoyed the game. Grace and Gillian preferred sitting and talking and Darcey wasn't sure which group to go with.

Annabel saw an usher give a boy a baseball and when she saw all the foul balls, she was determined to get one. She finally talked me into going to a better place to catch a ball and marched herself straight to the bull pen and just asked if she could have one. I was quite surprised at her!

A man sitting close by got onto her for bothering the bull pen and an usher interceded and put us in seats right behind the players. Pretty soon, the ball boy throw or rather rolled a ball across the top of the bull pen and straight into her lap! She was so excited! We kept hoping for a foul ball, but in the meantime, Darcey caught a t shirt and pretty soon another ball came rolling across the top of the bull pen to Darcey.

By the end of the game, the local team was soundly beaten, but we ended up with 3 balls, 2 of which Annabel took back to the players and got autographed! I think baseball has a new fan!

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