Saturday, July 3, 2010

Thursday vacation days

Because my parents volunteer on Thursdays, I decided to take vacation days so the girls would not be by themselves.

I had grandiose ideas of what all we would accomplish - day trips, museum tours, art classes, learning a new language, you know what you usually can achieve in one single day!

But our Thursdays have not ended up quite like I thought they would. A combination of things seem to have sapped all my extra energy and I keep hoping they will choose to stay home and watch reruns of I Love Lucy or something!

Our first Thursday we were in Santa Fe.

The second Thursday, I can't remember, but evidently we did not learn a new language!

The third Thursday was our first week with Gillian and Darcey gone, so we went to the movies and saw Karate Kid, went to James Avery to get some charms added to Grace's bracelet and got Annabel's watch fixed at the Swatch Store. All important errands that needed to be run, but still not that spectacular day off.

The fourth Thursday I tried to talk the girls into going somewhere, doing something, but they kept holding back and finally told me what they REALLY wanted to do, something I had said they could during the summer, did I remember what I had told them????

Oh, great, they don't forget anything.

My friend had let her son add blue highlights to his hair and I had casually mentioned they could do something like that.

Now the big difference is her son has blond hair and my girls' hair is extremely black, almost the blackest of the black on the color scale of hair colors.

I fought the urge to go to Wal Mart and buy a highlighting kit, which is what I would do for my own hair, and instead we went to Sally's Beauty Supply.

Thankfully there was a VERY nice young lady there, who was quite scary looking, but was extremely helpful and explained the process, which she knew well, since she had been doing it to her hair, which was also VERY black, since she was 14. She might have just been 15 now, but seemed to have much more wisdom than I did.

To do highlights in very dark hair, you have to take it down to almost no color and then bring it back up to the color you want, after pulling it through the frosting cap. She asked if I wanted her to write it down, but I was pretty sure I had it.

We get home and start the pulling the hair through the frosting cap.

Evidently this is quite painful!! I had no idea since I have never had it done, but each girl has a TON of hair and it took forever and at the end, they decided they would never do it again.

We ended up running out of time on the coloring stages as tutoring started at 3:30.

Washing and adding more color and washing again and then seeing the finished product was done in the shortest amount of time on record, but they were very pleased with the results.

I will add pictures later.

This was our fifth Thursday. Since Gillian and Darcey are back I tried to talk them into a trip somewhere, learning a new language, kayaking down the river, but they chose the mall.

The big discussion has been on make up and spa days, so without anyone really saying what they wanted to do, I decided they should check out some of the alternatives for make up that won't really look like make up but if all the other girls are wearing make up then they could say they did too. If you are a girl, you will get this. If not, it is too hard to explain.

We went to Bare Essentials and saw how really very little can make you look better.

Then we went to Origins and saw a different method, but one that smelled really good and had an extremely nice person to help us.

Then we went to Fresh and the woman treated us like we could not afford their products, so we left.

They decided they would wait on make up for now. I think that is a good decision.

This next Thursday is undecided.

Lisa originally said she wanted them to come stay with her while her family is on a trip. So this week will probably entail that day trip, but only to Waco to pick them up!

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