Saturday, August 21, 2010

Checks and balances

In school you learn about the founders of our country's brilliant plan to set up a checks and balances system to protect the people basically from themselves.

Well I have to say, I am glad to report I have my own checks and balances system.

At work, I have always said, I cannot do anything right.

When I have a program, I receive complaints that the coffee is too hot or too cold, too strong or too weak, all from the same pot of coffee. With the food, it is too fattening and too healthy, from the same menu. The speaker is too loud or too soft, for the same audience. At our last event, the number one complaint I got was there was no water to go along with the free meal we had provided. We had tea and coffee, but no water. So there is little chance that I can ever get the "big head" at work, thinking that I am doing ANYTHING right.

At home, thankfully I also have a checks and balances system.

Our big splurge this week was to download 5 songs from Amazon to make a CD to play for our long drive to school, which also helps us avoid songs that suddenly break into words that I would rather my daughters not hear.

So as we listened to the same songs over 5 days, I felt comfortable belting out the lyrics with one of them.

For those who listen to this type of music, the words are not, "I'll be good as new", rather they are "I'll be bulletproof".  On another song, I am still disappointed to learn the singer is NOT singing about Galileo and instead is advising, "gotta let go...". I really liked it better when I thought he was singing the Italian astronomer!

I can't remember what possessed me to ask my daughters this week, what they would think about me dating. Without blinking an eye, they asked, "one of your imaginary boyfriends?".


"You know Mom, one of your imaginary boyfriends, like Limo Bob?" among others they named, like several TV characters.

OK so thankfully I have my checks and balances to keep me from getting out of hand!

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