Thursday, August 12, 2010

The first day of school and wonderful progress!

Today was the first day of school and we all woke up before the alarm clock and were headed out the door with breakfast in our tummies and a meal packed for lunch on time! Actually I was the last one out the door waiting on the last drop of coffee to brew to help wake up for our important journey!

If you have been reading for a while, then you know that we have chosen a charter school that is between 15 and 20 miles from our house, depending on which route you take, which depends on the traffic and construction for the morning. By the end of May, I began to wonder if the drive outweighed the benefit of the school, but hoped it was just fatigue from the end of the year and other complicating factors.

The school has a nice long winding drive to the front door and as we approached the school itself, Annabel saw her beloved English teacher from last year and immediately started waving, asking if she could please roll down her window. Of course! So as we made the last few curves before getting to the front of the building, Annabel has assumed the pose of royalty everywhere with her waving to her subjects as we arrived! It was pretty hysterical!

Grace, who is just the opposite in every way possible from Annabel, assumed a much more calm approach until she began to panic as to whether to take in her summer math project, as she could not see enough of the kids from their class and if they were carrying their projects. Thankfully the principal was there to open the car door and answered the nerve wracking question and Grace slid out with her project in tow. Annabel had jumped out before I had even come close to the door, so she could greet her subjects personally!

The car pool lane has to move quickly so there was no time for tears or even goodbys, so I had to say a quick prayer that it would be a good day and that my decision to drive the extra distance was indeed worthwhile.

This afternoon I was greeted with lots of stories and updates from both girls and was reminded again that this is the best school for both. It was great for them both to experience being "returning" students and experts in all things having to do with the school! Some of their friends had commented on how YOUNG the 6th graders looked!

BUT the best part came when Annabel was telling me about the test in English over the book they had to read for summer. When the school year ended she was still completely dependent on the ESL teacher to read her the tests. This time she was able to read the test and felt like she did pretty well with those that were multiple choice. She is not as confident in her ability to write short answers! Wow! The tutoring through the SMU program is definitely paying off! I had bought her the book and the book read on CD so she could listen and read along with it. The book was The Alchemist and now I am anxious to read it as well.

Because our drive is so long and music on the radio in the morning is mostly talk, I announced tonight that we could download their top 5 favorite songs to play in the car in the mornings. What a great mom I am, right? If I could have only held this position a little longer and I would have if I had not opened my mouth. While trying to choose a song, with Annabel singing it full blast, I corrected her and said I think he is saying Galileo, which probably did not fit into the song and she and Grace looked at each other, like, what???? So I looked up the lyrics on line and sure enough, there is nothing about Galileo in the song, but instead says, "gotta let go". Hmm, I was sure there was an educational component to the song that Annabel just did not understand, but I just can't understand song lyrics. Oh well!

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