Sunday, August 8, 2010

How old are you kid?

Friday, before I could even think about wrapping up the week, Annabel called wanting to know if we could go to Costco as she was so excited about getting her new glasses.

From our very first day together in China, I knew Annabel needed glasses. She would squint to see anything in the distance and again while trying to read anything. I asked our guide to take us to get her glasses. She refused. She told me she did not need glasses. I have no idea why the guide would not help us but I wanted Annabel to be able to see.

One of our first appointments when we got home two years ago was for an eye exam. I had learned with Grace that Pediatric Ophthalmologists are quite adept at examining children's eyes, even when they cannot read the usual eye chart we see as adults.

Of course she needed glasses and when they finally arrived at Costco, I will never forget the look of amazement on her face as she was able to look around and see her whole world! She still did not have any English, but whatever is Chinese for WOW! came out of her.

So if Annabel calls and anxious to get new glasses I was determined to get them for her.

Only I had planned to take off a few days this week for us a mini vacation before school starts on Thursday, and I always work too late trying to ensure things are handled before I leave.

When we were finally on our way, we ran into a rare, but exciting thunderstorm and were drenched by the time we ran into the store. It took no time to get the new glasses, but it was pouring rain so hard that we decided to shop around. By the time we finally left it was 8:00! and still had not had dinner.

IHOP was the winner and their new promotion about a free kid's meal helped clinch the decision.

Usually I am the one who eats the kid's meal, which works out great for my girls, only now Annabel is too OLD to be a kid. I ordered all three meals to avoid confusion but when they were delivered, they just instinctively gave Annabel the kid's meal.

When I was 12, I think I must have looked 12 and when I was 13, I must have looked 13, and on and on because no one has really ever thought I was an age that I am not! Except now and I usually get the senior's discount without asking!

But here is my newly aged teen age daughter being given the kid's meal AND to make matters worse, the kid's drink! She was not amused.

When the waitress came back she had a pancake club you could join if you were at least 13. She gave me the form and asked Grace if she was old enough. Grace just grinned at her as Annabel almost shouts, that she, Annabel, is and she is the OLDER sister that Grace is only 12!

The rest of the way home we had to hear complaints about everyone thinking she is younger. She is considerably smaller than Grace and just looks younger. Grace has a tendency to want more mature looking clothes, while Annabel is perfectly satisfied with whatever she can find, usually something I bought her 2 years ago!

Never a dull moment!

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