Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pencil us in!

The plan tonight was to get homework done and then go to the memorial service for the little girl I wrote about last night.

Plans for us always need to be done in pencil!

Like right now. My plan was to sit down and write a few notes about the day and catch up on other things and as soon as I sat down, Annabel came storming through the kitchen, open the cabinet doors, got out the sani wipe things and went back to their room. Usually not a good sign! OK, never a good sign.

I followed her back to their room to view a pile of throw up on her clean sheets, right by her head!

Since my girls don't throw up and they don't eat dog food, I was almost sure that one of the dogs was suspect!

Thank goodness we have a variety of beds to choose from in their room, from our summer of guests!

Homework tonight was the first for Texas History. I remember loving this class in 7th grade but was born and raised in Texas and a lot of things you learn about a place, you learn from living there.

For Annabel this was a difficult as it focused on a lot of Texas trivia, like the presidents who were born here, information about different counties, and even an A to Z list of things about Texas. Thank goodness we live in a state that has Quanah Parker, the XIT Ranch, and zoos to take care of the more difficult letters.

Homework took too long and then it actually came a thunderstorm, so my memorial to that sweet baby was time spent with my own girls.

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