Sunday, August 8, 2010

Why it is good to be in the sandwich life

Reading my last post makes me know I really do not feel very well, but wanted to catch up on some things and tell you how great it can be to live the sandwich life.

For a while this summer, we had several Saturdays with no pressing engagements and could actually take our time planning and doing whatever we wanted.

As soon as it is time for school to start, our Saturdays seemed destined to get complicated.

Almost simultaneously, I was asked to make a brief talk about the program I run at work, as the announcement of the big pancake breakfast at the school was made. I had forgotten that is when the kids get their schedules, and had already accepted the invitation to speak and knew I was on the agenda.

Thankfully Mom and Dad agreed to take my darlings so I could do my duty.

ONLY I had not expected to wake up Saturday, not sure if I even felt like getting out of bed.

This same bug that I have fought all summer just does not seem to want to go away even after a round of antibiotics. Friday, I ran into my doctor at lunch, which was just brilliant and after a few questions and my co-workers insistence that I had not improved, called in another round of antibiotics.

So after sending my darlings off to school with Mom and Dad, I probably should not have, but checked my temperature and it was close to 100, but knew I was even on the program and did not want to let anyone down and started getting ready to go.

Before I could leave the house, however, Dad called to say the school had not received their shot records and could not give them their schedule. I asked if we could fax them and Dad, bless his heart, tracked down the nurse, the principal, and anyone else he can find and still the answer was no. They must have them in hand. I told him I would drive to the school with the shot records and then turn around and drive the 40 miles to my program, but before I can even finish saying that I break into tears and Dad insists it will be fine, go do what I need to and they will take care of the rest. I know I am sick then since I am beginning to feel like a big baby crying on the phone to my dad!

I make it to the program and very glad I did. I love to talk about the great things we have and this was a whole new audience to share with.

By the time I drag home, they have already done the school thing, taken Grace to piano, Dad is spraying for bugs around our house, and Mom is teaching Annabel how to make pudding.

I go in and crash!

Since then Mom continues to feed my girls and send some for me. I've had very weird dreams and in each, I have acquired more children, first toddlers, then teens, and in each, I keep thinking, I wasn't doing too well with two, what made me think I could handle 4 more!?!? Some of my dreams have even had musical accompaniment, which coincides with Grace practicing the piano. Most have dogs in them that bark, which I am guessing are ours. I've just been thankful for the rest and knowing my girls are care for by my parents. Thanks Mom and Dad!

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