Saturday, September 11, 2010


While at Mom and Dad's house the other day, Annabel watched a show about the devastation of 9/11.

I'm not sure if she had never seen it or if it is just now making sense as to what happened. It's not that I have purposely protected her from seeing it and I know that Grace and I have watched the films showing the planes crashing into the Twin Towers and talked at length about what happened.

But this has really hit Annabel hard.

She is especially worried because the people who did it were Muslim and a number of her school mates are Muslim. They had already told me how a lot of the kids were fasting at school this week and would miss school on Friday for Ramadan.

She and I took a quick bike ride Thursday after she watched the program, which was really good, as it gave her a chance to ask some questions, but I think they are just the tip of the iceberg.

She wanted to know why those people wanted to hurt us.

I tried to explain that they did not approve of the "Americans'" lifestyle.

She asked, why did they have to kill so many people? Couldn't they have just told us they did not approve? Or just close their eyes? Or find some other way rather than kill so many people?

Good point! I told her the people who did it had to be crazy to plan such a thing and purposely do what they did, in the name of their religion. I don't think it was especially because they were Muslim that drove them to do what they did, that was an excuse to hurt people.

Her prayers have gotten longer now. I am so thankful that she believes and understands that God is there listening to her concerns and worries and will take care of those she asks Him to.

Now she prays not only for our minister, his wife, my niece Marcie, her husband, and Isabel, who is expected November 24, and Gillian and Darcey, when they are not with us, and Grandmother and Poppa, and Grace, and me, and Nina and Ollie, and Aunt Lisa and Gillian and Darcey to be safe driving here, and all the people who were hurt from 9/11.

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