Sunday, September 12, 2010

Any answers?

There are a few things I wish someone could explain to me tonight.

Why has it taken until 2010 for manufacturers to finally realize that women need a variety of shapes in pants. We have lots of different shapes and we would like to have pants that fit. There, I said it!

Also, why do they keep trying so hard to come up with a new reality show, putting people in precarious positions, with little food, and see who can make it as the survivor? Or race to the finish line first after a series of trials? Or follow people around who like to get into fights and make celebrities out of them? Why can't they put these wanna be celebrities in real life situations and see who can survive? Why don't they put them in remote areas of China and see who can build the best orphanage, with a school, and training for the children who age out? Or see who can find a way to feed villages on crops they plant and grow? Or go into areas hit hard by natural disasters and see who can rebuild lives the fastest?Why aren't the celebrities that are followed, the parents who make time to take their children to church? Who help them with their homework? Who provide healthy meals on low incomes?

Just some things I am wondering about. I am also tired of being sick. I see a pattern developing, feel like a rash breaking out, get sick to my stomach, lose things, and then my fever spikes to 100 and I don't feel like doing anything. Tired of that and have way too much going on this week to be sick!

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