Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Being different

From a very early age, I think we learn that we don't want to be "different". Now that is not the same as being the "same" as everyone else though. You don't have to be just like the others in your group, but you definitely don't want to be different.

For a variety of reasons I decided to ride my bike to work today, which really made me feel different.

From the get go, it seemed odd/different. I walked out with my keys in hand, going toward the car, but decided I had to give it a try and unlocked my bike instead.

Pretty quickly I had the impression that I looked a lot like a character from a favorite movie you might have seen. Does she look familiar?
The only thing missing was the basket with the little dog trapped in it.

Somehow riding your bike in shorts and a t shirt is one thing, but putting on your dress pants and riding seems a lot different. Then while we usually ride in the late evenings, I had not ridden in the middle of traffic! Which all really makes you feel different.

So while there was plenty of traffic, including foot traffic this morning, there just weren't a lot of middle age women in dress pants riding their bikes to work! Riding home made it even more "different" as the number of people out was even greater!

With all that said, being different was also exhilarating and liberating. It gives you a completely different perspective from the seat of a bike than from a car. I think I will do it again, but I hope it will be cooler!

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