Friday, September 3, 2010

Early to late!

Some days for mothers start earlier than you plan.

When we went to bed last night, the forecast called for thunderstorms after midnight. When I go to sleep, I am just one level above dead and it takes a LOT to wake me up, but with the threat of storms, I try really hard to sleep lighter so if there is an emergency I can wake up.

So while I am expecting to be woken up by a storm, I was not expecting to be wake up with a conversation starting in the middle of a dream that makes me ask the question, What??


I'm not sure what is shorter than a second, but I do think I split several seconds trying to discern if it was absolutely necessary for me to get up when I realized it was only 5:00! But Annabel was not leaving without me and I followed her into their room where Grace was lying paralyzed, hand on her neck, and fear in her eyes.

I had no idea what to expect as I tried to put my hand over what she was holding onto so tightly. A very tiny bug that we used to call a "clicker" bug had landed on her and was enough to wake her up as it tried to make an escape and instead started our day off with a panic!I tried to convince them to go back to sleep because I knew I could but for the most part, our day was started.

So lots of stuff happened today and with our early start, I was ready to tuck everyone in and call it a day. Only rarely do things go as planned!

Mom had told me she thought that our little dog Nina was sick, as she would not try to go down the stairs when she let them outside. Usually Nina feels the need to protect us from the really fearful squirrels that hang around our pecan tree and willing to do it every chance she gets!

Sure enough, as they tried to get ready for bed, it was quite obvious that Nina is in pain. I know Annabel gets quite worried and without asking, is looking to me to solve the problem.

I try to reassure both of them that Nina will be better after a night of rest by telling them a story about my childhood.

And if you read here often, you can tell it takes me a while to get to my point, so I began my story, I had a dog once, named Blackie, who got hit by a car. I don't know how I got interrupted, but I did, so I started again, I had a dog once, named Blackie, who got hit by a car.

This time Grace picks up the story and started it with, I had a dog once, name Blackie, who got hit by a car, THE END!

NO, NO, NO, that's not the end, that's what I was trying to explain that it wasn't the end that after a few days he recovered.

So then they asked whatever happened to Blackie?

OK, I don't remember.

So Grace corrects her story and chimes, I had a dog once name Blackie, who got hit by a car, and I don't remember what happened to him, THE END!

The end for this day! I hope! As long as no errant bugs fly in!

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