Saturday, September 11, 2010

Happy birthday, Dad!

Today is my Dad's birthday!

Dad is the go to person, not just for us, but for everyone in the neighborhood, church, the hospital, I guess everywhere he goes.

He gives great advice and has good sound judgment on almost all matters, except about me adopting the second time.

Very rarely have I had felt Dad's disapproval. One time being when I kicked the window out of the door because my bratty siblings locked me out.

Another when I grieved more over a boyfriend that did not show up for graduation, rather than enjoy my family who traveled a long way for it.

The night I came home really late and he was standing on the porch waiting for me and what was worse, did not say anything! Yikes, I knew I was in trouble that time!

But when I decided to adopt again, Dad did something he rarely does. He shook his finger at me and told me I would NOT adopt again, that my mother could not handle taking care of another child.

OK, I'll admit it was rather crazy around their house in those days as Grace went there after school each day as well as Jaan's daughters, and they all seemed a LOT younger then.

But if I could have known what kindred spirits my Annabel and my father would be, there could not have been any concern.

The two are peas in a pod. She doesn't care where Poppa is going, she wants to go, whether it is Tom Thumb, Home Depot, Lowes, it doesn't matter, just so she can go.

They both make friends wherever they go.

They share a loud verbal dislike of traffic and people who drive poorly.

While Mom and I are satisfied just sitting on the front porch, they have to be moving, usually tossing a ball back and forth.

Any project Dad is working on, Annabel is right there ready and willing to help.

I asked her how much she wanted to spend on Dad's present.


I told her that was very sweet, but she could spend less.

She told me she wants to get him something nice, maybe a couple of the books he likes to read. I explained that books generally cost a lot more than that.

She said she had up to $76 to spend! And for him it was worth it!

I hate to say it Dad, but I knew right on this one! Adopting the second time was right!

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