Monday, September 6, 2010

Lessons recently learned

Some things I have learned recently:

1. Every point in Oak Cliff is downhill from our house.

Yes, it is obviously true as I am learning by riding my bike to enjoy the cooler temperatures. After having lived here off and on all my life, I never knew our house was the HIGHEST point in Oak Cliff, but once you get away from our front yard and try to return, it is ALWAYS UPHILL! Another point I have learned riding again, that a cruiser, like this one, makes you wish you had learned to ride a 10 speed!

2. Bicycles make you know that cars will be even more problems and you better enjoy this age while you can!

Last night we were in a VERY competitive Wii game when a neighbor knocked on the door and invited us down to a party. We rode our bikes so we could check it out, since I wondered if we were actually crashing the party, and I guess we rode because I am crazy. There, I admit it!

It was only a few blocks and all downhill, but somewhere we lost Grace. Annabel, the very nimble and strong rider, went back in search of her "baby" sister and coaxed her down the hill. Grace has consistently had problems with her bike and I have paid to get the gears and brakes fixed and was wondering if maybe it was just the wrong bike for her.

As we left, Grace announced that she was having problems riding her bike because both tires were flat! I gave her my bike and please refer to number 1 above to know that I pushed her bike back UPHILL!

If we are having this much trouble just trying to get 3 bikes going at once, what will I do with 3 cars??? I hope by then there is such great mass transit or flying cars that I won't have to worry about it!

3. I am not good at taking risks, being an entrepreneur, doing anything I'm not sure if I will be good at, or being the grunt.

We have been participating in this program with other adoptees helping identify our personality characteristics to help us in relating to each other. Grace and I both identify ourselves as the same personality (shock to no one in our family) and while we LOVE independence and being in charge, we don't want to try anything we are not absolutely sure we will succeed in, not just complete, but we are driven to succeed!

So she is taking piano lessons and has made monumental progress very quickly. She is also as competitive as I am and wanted to know if I could play the songs she is learning. The short answer is no. So with a stroke of brilliance, I decided to sit in on her classes and learn as she did, without paying for more classes. Right??

Two things I learned there:

1. She is already so far beyond anything I ever learned, the class might as well have been in Chinese!
2. She doesn't practice the pieces that she is not as secure with. I hear a beautiful minuet often, but had never heard her other 2 pieces, so after the class we talked about this and I realized that I had all the things necessary to make bread for months, but it had set on my shelf because I am afraid it would flop!

So I attempted to make bread, which got interrupted by the bike ride to the party and thankfully I have a very kind mother who tells me it is delicious, even though it looks like this image they always give you in motivational classes!

Our neighborhood is undergoing some very welcome changes and people are coming out of the woodwork with brilliant ideas of new and better businesses and programs and I realize the only thing I am any good at is planning more stuff for older people to do, which they are not too thrilled about doing, and no one really wants to pay a lot for that! Keeping older people active and healthy just doesn't sell a lot of t shirts I guess!

So I just admire what these guys are doing and wish I could come up with that genius idea, that I would be willing to try, even if I did not know I could be successful! But in the meantime you can come back to Oak Cliff and enjoy what the young whipper snappers are up to!

4. One last thing I have learned this weekend, even with three days off, it is not nearly enough!

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